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Commercial Broiler Chicken ‘CARIBRO VISHAL (White Broiler)’

25 June 2023, New Delhi: The development of suitable high-yielding broiler stocks, entirely different from imported commercial broiler stocks available in the market, has been the endeavor of the Institute. Consequently, CARIBRO Vishal, a broiler that excels in growth, feed efficiency, livability, meat quality, and also plumage color with high-performance features in tropical climates has been developed.

Special Features

·         Superior growth rate

·         High disease resistance

·         Excellent feed conversion

·         Low production cost

·         Suitable to Indian climatic and managemental conditions

Production Characteristics

Body weight at day old    43g
Body weight at 6 weeks   1650 to 1700g
Body weight at 7 weeks   2000 to 2150
Dressing percentage75-80
Livability percentage        97-98
Feed conversion ratio at 6 weeks1.85
Production Characteristics

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