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CARIBRO MRITYUNJAY (For Hot and Dry Regions)

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25 June 2023, New Delhi: CARIBRO Mrityunjay is a commercial cross produced through the introgression of the naked neck gene into colored and white synthetic broiler lines by repeated backcrossing. Both colored and white plumage stocks of CARIBRO Mrityunjay are available. The stock is characterized by its adaptability to high ambient temperatures, which makes it the ideal bird for a tropical environment.

Special Features

·         Both colored as well as white

·         Adaptable to high ambient temperature

·         Efficient feed conversion

Production Characteristics

Body weight at day old38-42 g
Body weight at 6 weeks1400 to 1500 g
Body weight at 7 weeks1800 to 2000 g
Dressing percentage at 6 weeks75-77
Livability percentage at 6 weeks97-98
Feed conversion ratio at 6 weeks1.95
Production Characteristics

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