International Agriculture Tourism by Krishak Jagat

Krishak Jagat, the National Agriculture Newspaper of India, has been reaching the largest farming audience for over 75 years. It is the most read agriculture newspaper in India and has been supporting farmers in numerous ways. Not only does it provide news and advice on the latest developments in agriculture, it also provides farmers with the opportunity to learn from advanced countries by taking them on exposure visits.

International Agriculture Tourism by Krishak Jagat has been taking farmers to countries such as Israel, China, and the Netherlands which are advanced in agriculture. Farmers are able to observe how these countries optimize their resources and farming practices, and learn how to apply these technologies and practices to their own farms. This has enabled farmers to improve their agricultural practices and, in turn, their income. Krishak Jagat has been taking farmers on such exposure visits for the past 20 years, making it one of the pioneers in International Agricultural Tourism. It has provided farmers with valuable insights that have allowed them to better understand the global agriculture industry and improve their own practices. These visits have helped to ensure that Indian farmers are able to remain competitive and maximize their profits.
Krishak Jagat Israel Tour

Krishak Jagat has been a reliable source of information for Indian farmers for over 75 years. Its commitment to helping farmers learn from advanced countries has allowed it to become the most trusted agriculture newspaper in India. With its dedication to providing farmers with the latest news and advice on farming, Krishak Jagat will continue to be an invaluable resource for Indian farmers.

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