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CARIBRO TROPICANA (For Hot and Humid Regions)

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25 June 2023, New Delhi: Two broiler stocks one each with naked and frizzle genes were developed by introgressing these genes from desi fowl to broiler stocks by conventional crossing. These naked neck and frizzle broiler stocks were crossed to develop CARIBRO Tropicana which has both naked neck and frizzle phenotype.

Special Features

·         Better heat tolerant               

·         Better dressing percentage

·         Perform better with low inputs under hot and humid conditions

·         Better option for tropical poultry production 

Production Characteristics

Body weight at 6 weeks1300 g
Body weight at 7 weeks1800 g
Feed conversion ratio at 6 weeks1.9
Feed conversion ratio at 7 weeks2.11
Dressing percentage at 7 weeks74
Livability percentage at 7 weeks97
Production Characteristics

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