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Improved Guinea Fowl Varieties KADAMBARI

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25 June 2023, New Delhi: Hitcari birds have been developed by crossing the Indian native Naked neck with the exotic breed CARI Red.  The neck region is devoid of feathers and there is a reduction of 30 to 40% of feathers on the body. The reduction in feathers helps in internal heat dissipation which increases the tropical adaptability due to which there is no reduction in egg production and eggshell thickness during extreme summer. There is a decrease in heat stress mortality, an increase in fertility and hatchability during summer, and the protein requirement for juvenile growth is reduced.  These birds are very suitable for rearing in the hot humid coastal region.

Special Features

  • Kadambari has black plumage with white and uniformly distributed spots.

Production Characteristics

Body weight at 8 weeks500-550 g
Body weight at 12 weeks950- 1000 g
Age at first egg230-250
DayEgg weight38-40 g
Egg production100-120
eggs(March to September)70-73 %
Hatchability on fertile eggs set70-78 %
Production Characteristics

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