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Advisory For Management Of Inflorescence Midge

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01 April 2024, New Delhi: Inflorescence and flower midge are serious pests of mango and in cases of severe infestation; it may cause failure of good crop. The incidence persists during the inflorescence emergence period. It attacks soft young shoots and new tender leaves. However, it causes maximum damage on inflorescence and fruit-lets. 

The symptom appears as tiny black spots on inflorescence and small bore holes at the centre of the spots. The infested inflorescence shows restricted growth and its axis bends at the entry of larvae. The infected inflorescence may dry up above the entry hole. The pest has already emerged in some orchards and started damaging the panicles. Farmers are advised to do a foliar spray of Dimethoate @ 2 ml per litre of water to control inflorescence midge along with sticker (1 ml/l of water).

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