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Advisory For Management Of Mango Hopper

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01 April 2024, New Delhi: Hopper is a serious pest of mango and in cases of severe infestation; it may cause the failure of good crop. Hoppers lay eggs singly on floral shoots, buds and tender leaves which hatch in a week. After hatching, a large number of nymphs and adults puncture and suck the sap of tender parts of leaves and panicles, resulting in weakening of inflorescence and affects fruit set and their drop. 

Heavy puncturing and continuous draining of the sap may cause curling and drying of inflorescence. They also damage the crop by excreting honeydew which facilitates the development of sooty mould, a fungus, that affects the photosynthesis activity of the leaf. If timely interventions are not taken, the quality yield of the fruit is affected. Therefore, if the presence of a hopper is seen on panicles, farmers are advised to spray insecticide imidacloprid @ 0.3 ml per litre of water along with a sticker (1 ml /liter of water).

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