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WOTR organizes educational webinar series; guides farmers to combat Irregular Monsoon

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04 July 2022, Pune: WOTR, a leading globally recognized non-profit organization in India, hosted a series of webinars for farmers in Maharashtra to guide them to combat the irregular monsoon conditions. Through these sessions, WOTR aimed to create awareness about erratic monsoon patterns and various ways to tackle the impact of unfavourable monsoon on agriculture inputs.

Commenting on the sessions, Mr. Prakash Keskar, Executive Director, WOTR, said, “Farmers of the country are facing a serious danger from climate change. Irregular rainfall is a climate change-related problem affecting farm production significantly. The small and marginal farmers have been losing crops and incomes due to irregular rainfall patterns over the past few years. Therefore, there is an acute need to educate them to tackle such unfavourable scenarios. We received an overwhelming response to the educational webinars from the farmers and look forward to hosting more informative events in future.”

“In order to support the farming communities, we have upgraded our FarmPrecise app to allow them to be informed about the weather conditions based on prior rainfall data and make appropriate choices,” he added.

Along with WOTR representatives, Mr. Manikrao Khule (Ret. Meteorologist, IMD) and Mr. Vivek Kale, Branch Manager, Central Bank of India, also participated in the webinars and instructed the farmers on facing irregular rainfall in the area. Mr. Khule highlighted the key aspects of intermittent rainfall, its impact on agriculture, and multiple ways to deal with the challenges of such erratic patterns. During this webinar, Mr. Vivek Kale, Branch Manager, Central Bank of India, informed the farmers about the crop loans available for the next Kharif season and the various processes involved in availing agriculture financing schemes offered by the public sector banks.

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