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Best Agrolife Ltd subsidiary receives patent for ternary fungicidal effective against Late Blight and Downy Mildew

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01 November 2022, New Delhi: Best Agrolife Limited (BAL), a leading agrochemical company in India, on last Friday announced that one of its wholly-owned subsidiary company Seedlings India Pvt Ltd has received a patent valid for 20 years for the first-of-its-kind fungicidal composition of Cyazofamid, Dimethomorph, and Difenoconazole which is going to emerge as a highly effective crop solution against Late Blight and Downy Mildew in tomato and grapes crops respectively.  

″India is the second biggest producer of tomatoes in the world. In the fiscal year 2022, the volume of tomato production in India is estimated to have amounted to over 20 million metric tons. However, Late blight disease, caused by Phytophthora infestans (Mont.) de Bary, is one of the most devastating pathogens among pests and diseases for tomato production in India. It not only adversely affects fruit yield and the economy of tomato growers, but also reduces crop quality. The disease spreads quickly in fields infecting the leaves, stems, and tomato fruit, and can result in total crop failure if untreated,″ said Mr Vimal Alawadhi, Managing Director, Best Agrolife Ltd.

″Grapes, on the other hand, is a highly remunerative fruit crop in India. However, the grapevine is susceptible to many fungal diseases. Especially downy mildew results in economic losses to the tune of 50-100%. This disease affects the foliage, tender shoots, inflorescence, and berries resulting in a considerable loss in yield as well as the quality of fruits. Keeping in view the importance of tomato and grapevine crops in India and the amount of damage caused by late blight and downy mildew in these crops, the granted composition of this patent will prove to be highly beneficial for the ultimate integrated management of these diseases. It not only aids in controlling and limiting the fungal growth but also improves bio-efficacy in terms of synergistic effect, increases plant yield, leads to no phytotoxicity, and renders improved stability along with higher benefits. The approximate market size of this fungicidal composition is ₹350 crore,″ Mr Alawadhi added further.  

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