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Ambuja Cements Revamps Rural Livelihood through Technological Advancements in Marwar Mundhwa region

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24 October 2023, Jaipur: Ambuja Cements, the cement and building material company of the diversified Adani Group, under its CSR initiatives, has played a pivotal role in helping farmers in Rajasthan transform traditional agricultural practices to drive social and economic development within communities. In the Marwar Mundwa region of Rajasthan, an initiative was launched that centered on revitalizing the agricultural sector by introducing ‘Farm Ponds’ and ‘Drip Irrigation Systems’ to improve the lives of farmers.

The region, known for its arid climate with an annual rainfall of 443 mm, has historically posed significant challenges to its farming communities. The absence of perennial rivers and a heavy reliance on rainfall for agriculture had left numerous farmers in dire economic straits. This has led to abandoning farming as a profession by some, while others struggled to meet their daily needs. Ambuja Cements intervened and instilled positivity in regional farmers.

Ambuja Cements’s key actions were focused on the introduction of Farm Ponds that were designed to collect rainwater and surface water. With financial support from Ambuja Cements and contributions from the farmers themselves, many have successfully installed these ponds on their land. This initiative has revolutionized the farming landscape, enabling farmers the capability to depend on stored water for their farming and agricultural activities, even during the periods of scarce rainfall and other dry seasons.

Recognizing that the availability of water in Farm Ponds could still be a challenge during dry spells, Ambuja Cements innovative approach combined tradition with technology. Farmers were encouraged to adopt drip irrigation systems, connected to their farm ponds with support from the government’s various schemes. This ingenious approach empowered them to maximize the use of available water resources and mitigate the impact of erratic rainfall.

As a resultant, Ambuja Cements transformative approach helped the farmers almost doubling their income. This substantial increase in income has breathed a new life into the agricultural sector in the region, infusing a renewed sense of hope into its farming communities.

The unflinching commitment of Ambuja Cements under its CSR initiative remains steadfast in its commitment to sustainable development and the prosperity of the communities it serves. The synergy of traditional wisdom, technological advancements along with the collaboration between farmers and Ambuja Cements has ushered in a positive change in the region. The radiant smiles on the faces of the farmers are a testament to the profound impact of this initiative, reigniting an enthusiasm for farming.

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