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Dual Purpose Chicken ‘CARI DEBENDRA’

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25 June 2023, New Delhi: CARl Debendra is a medium-sized dual-purpose bird, produced by crossing a colored synthetic broiler line as a male line and Rhode Island Red as a female line. It is the most suitable bird for Indian consumers due to its attractive bright plumage color. The bird achieves moderate body weight at eight weeks of age with an economic feed conversion ratio. The meat has lower carcass and abdominal fat than broiler meat, which makes it a consumer’s delight. CARl Debendra is also a suitable bird for rural poultry because of its better survivability and moderate egg production ability.

Special Features

·         Efficient feed conversion      

·         High positive return over feed cost

·         Superiority over other stocks

·         Low laying house mortality 

Production Characteristics

Body weight at 8 weeks1100-1200 g
Body weight at 10 weeks1400 to 1500 g
Body weight at 12 weeks1700 to 1800 g   
Feed conversion ratio (0-8 weeks)2.5-2.6
Age at sexual maturity155 – 160 days
Egg production190-200
Annual egg production97%
Livability (Growing)94%
Production Characteristics

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