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Commercial White Egg Laying Chicken ‘CARI PRIYA’

25 June 2023, New Delhi: Breeders of egg-type chicken are primarily concerned with the development of quality layers in terms of high egg production, feed efficiency, livability, and low chick cost. CARl Priya, earlier known as ILI-80, is one such commercial white egg layer. CARl Priya was developed by crossing superior male and female strains of White Leghorn.

Special Features

·         Efficient feed conversion                              

·         Superiority over other stocks

·         High positive return over feed cost              

·         Low laying house mortality

Production Characteristic

MaturityFirst egg17 to 18 weeks
 50% production150 days
 Peak production26 to 28 weeks           
Egg productionPeak92%
 Hen housed to 72 weeksMore than 298 eggs
 Hen day to 72 weeksMore than 301 eggs
Feed consumptionPer dozen eggs1.77 kg
 Per kg egg mass2.57 kg           
Egg sizeAverage egg weight57 g
Egg qualityInternalExcellent internal quality
Temperament Easy to handle, performs well under a variety of management systems
Production Characteristic

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