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FBN® Finance Launches Farmland Capital to Give Farmers a New Way to Finance Their Land

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13 November 2021, CA: FBN Finance is proud to announce the launch of Farmland Capital, a new source of funding to help farmers own and control land. 

Farmland Capital gives farmers access to their farm’s equity so they have the funds they need to put towards a down payment, meet a retirement goal, or improve their operations.

This isn’t a loan. So unlike some other financing alternatives, there isn’t an interest or rent payment due at any point, and it is at risk alongside the farmer. It’s a path for farmers to full ownership of the land without the burden of debt.

With Farmland Capital, FBN Finance is connecting farmers seeking capital to support their operation with individuals and institutions looking for a limited investment in farmland.

An investor provides up to 25% of a farm’s value in cash to the farmer, for a share of the farm’s future change in value. The farmer may pay back the investment at market prices any time over the next 10 years. 

The Numbers Add Up

Our members told us that there is a tremendous demand to access capital without burdening themselves with debt. A recent survey of FBN members showed that 37% of farmers want to buy farmland in the next year, and almost 69% of growers want to reinvest in their operation.

39% of respondents to our recent survey told us they’re considering buying out a family member, with 19% saying this will happen in the next 5 years. 30% of farmers are looking to transition their land to take advantage of carbon payment programs. An additional 9% want to transition to organic.

There is very limited access to capital in the market for farmers, which results in farmers having to make tough, no-win decisions for their farm. Farmland Capital provides critical access to funding, giving farmers unprecedented flexibility and more financial options than ever to manage their operation. We’re excited to invest in the most innovative farmers on earth: FBN members.

– Dan English, General Manager of FBN Finance

Ways to Use Farmland Capital

  • Expand Your Operation: Buy land with a smaller down payment.
  • Lower Debt Payments: Improve your operation’s finances to potentially qualify for a lower interest rate with your bank.
  • Keep the Farm in the Family: Buy out co-owners who don’t wish to continue operating the family farm.
  • Cash Out Your Equity: Get ready for retirement, without selling your land or paying interest.
  • Transition to Organic or Regenerative Practices and/or carbon programs: Weather agronomic and market risk while transitioning to more sustainable practices. 


FBN Finance participates in farm appreciation and depreciation alongside the farmer. Contracts are 10 years, but the farmer can settle up the co-investment portion at any time.Farmland value is determined by appraised value or market price.

Who Is Eligible

Eligible farms include row crop farms, permanent crop farms, and improved pasture land. The grower makes all management decisions, pays farm costs, and receives 100% of income from farm operations. 

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