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Commercial Brown Egg Laying Chicken ‘CARI SONALI’

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25 June 2023, New Delhi: To cater to the needs and high demand of the consumers, this golden brown egger was developed and released for its commercial exploitation in the year 1992 using White Leghorn as the male line and Rhode Island Red as the female line.

Special Features

·         Lays brown eggs

·         Efficient feed conversion 

·         High egg production         

Production Characteristics-

MaturityFirst egg18 to 19 weeks
 50% production155 days
 Peak production27 to 29 weeks                       
Egg productionPeak90%
 Hen housed to 72 weeksMore than 280 eggs
 Hen day to 72 weeksMore than 283 eggs
Feed consumptionPer dozen of eggs2.3 kg
 Per kg of egg mass3.8 kg 
Egg sizeAverage egg weight54 g
Egg qualityInternalExcellent internal quality
Temperament  Easy to handle, performs well under a variety of management system
Production Characteristics-

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