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Journey follows farmers around the world and tells inspiring success stories in the field

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16 February 2022, Russia: With the intention of showing successful agribusiness cases and telling inspiring stories of farmers, Jacto Journey “New times, New solutions” leaves for international destinations in 2022 to visit farmers in countries where the brand is present contributing to production in the field.

Visits* to crops in Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Mexico, Peru and Russia are scheduled to show the routines of farmers in these countries, to seek and highlight good practices in agriculture. 

“For us who are driven by agriculture, nothing is more rewarding than to hear successful stories in our area, to be inspired by them and to share these successful life and work stories with other farmers. This year, we have decided to go on a different journey and visit other countries, taking with us even more multicultural learning and motivations”, explains Lorenzo Padovano, Jacto Advertising Specialist.

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In formats that include exciting movies, dynamic live streaming, virtual albums and custom playlists on Spotify, the episodes will be released along 2022 giving sequence to the journey which started in Brazil in 2021. The objective is to share stories of real farmers who have succeeded, their perspectives and realities about the use of technology, training, responsibility, efficiency, productivity, sustainability and commitment to the future of agricultural activities.

“We want to connect people through these motivating success stories in the fields, highlight farmers and the challenges of world agriculture. Therefore, we continue our purpose of highlighting men and women in the field, small or large farmers who base themselves in premises such as digitalization, efficiency and productivity in the field, production traceability and attention to sustainable practices and actions,” explains Wanderson Tosta, Jacto Marketing Director.

A journey through successful crops – In 2021, in the first year of Jacto Journey, approximately 20,977 kilometers were traveled on roads of Brazil and Paraguay. 43 cities were visited and 17 customers along with family members, friends and partners were interviewed that resulted in a total of dozens of recorded hours with touching stories of women and men farmers who have achieved success despite the challenges and difficulties.

The episodes can be followed through Jacto’s social media such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube in several languages.

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