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Farmers advised to use balance fertilizer in the current Rabi season: Madhya Pradesh

30 November 2021, Indore: In a press release by Joint Director Agriculture – Indore, farmers have been advised not to use more chemical fertilizers than necessary. There are a variety of nutrients that are needed for the crop other than N,P & K. The Agriculture Department has asked the farmers to get the soil tested and use chemical fertilizers accordingly. Farmers have been urged to get complete information from agricultural scientists and use fertilizers to get good harvest. At present, sufficient fertilizer is available in the district for Rabi crops.

Recommended quantity of chemical fertilizers in Wheat, Mustard, Gram and Lentil 

Farmers have been appealed to use only the recommended quantity of chemical fertilizers in wheat, mustard, gram and lentil crops. Urea for Wheat is 213 kg, NPK 186 kg, Muriate of Potash 17 kg per hectare. For Gram, Urea 44 kg and Super Phosphate 375 kg per hectare. For Mustard 130 kg of Urea,  Super Phosphate 188 kg and Muriate of Potash 33 kg per hectare. For Lentils, urea 54 kg and Super Phosphate 313 kg per hectare. 

Recommended fertilizer quantity can be met by giving per hectare NPK as an alternative to DAP and SSP. Good harvest can be obtained by using Urea and Muriate of Potash fertilizers. Also, by using Single Super Phosphate which also contains Sulphur 11 percent and Calcium 21 percent will be helpful in increasing the production of the crop.