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Advisory for frost released by Indore Agriculture Department

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22 December 2021, Indore: Indore and other neighbouring districts in the state of Madhya Pradesh are battling severe cold wave. Due to this sudden drop in temperature there is a possibility of cold wave or frost in Rabi crops. The agriculture department of Indore district has advised the farmers to apply light irrigation to the crops to avoid frost. Due to sufficient moisture, the chances of damage to the crops are less. In case of frost, in the evening, smoke the ridge of the field and irrigate in the evening or at night, apart from this 2 ml of Sulfur is to be sprayed by mixing it in a liter of water or else, immediately after frostbite i.e. in the morning of next day, spray Glucon D @ 10 gm per liter of water.

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The Agriculture Development Department said in a press release that during the winter season water stagnation occurs due to which the cells burst and the leaves of the plant dry up resulting in heavy damage to the crops. Water circulation in plant cells is affected due to frost. Most of the affected crop or plant dries up due to which disease and pest infestation increases. Fruits and flowers are destroyed by the effect of frost. Vegetables are affected more by the effect of frost and are completely destroyed. Therefore, all the farmers of the district should adopt measures to protect their crops from frost as mentioned above.

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