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Shop sealed for black marketing of Urea

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31 December 2021, Indore: The farmers have been queuing at fertilizer distribution centres from early morning hours to purchase fertilizer at subsidised rates across the country as the Rabi season is in full swing. There has been shortage of fertilizer which is promoting black marketing of fertilizer at various places across India and is a severe offence.

Indore Collector Mr Manish Singh is taking strict action against people involved in black marketing of fertilisers in Indore district. Under the direction of Additional Collector Dr. Abhay Bedekar, the revenue staff conducted a surprise inspection of Balaji Traders, Phali located on Nemavar Road in Khudail area. During the investigation, shop operator Yogesh Yadav was found to be involved in black marketing of urea. On matching the stock register with physical quantity, about 11 quintal of urea was missing from the physical stock. The outlet has been sealed for further enquiry.

Black marketing of fertilizers in growing rapidly as the fertilizer prices are high and availability is a concern. Government has declared fertilizer as an essential commodity under the Essential Commodities Act, 1955(ECA) and notified Fertilizer (Control) Order (FCO), 1985 & Fertilizer (Movement Control) Order, 1973 under the EC Act.

State Governments have been adequately empowered to ensure selling of fertilizers at MRP besides stopping smuggling and diversion of fertilizers. State Governments are empowered to conduct search, make seizures and take punitive action against any person violating provisions of FCO, 1985 and Essential Commodities Act, 1955.

The movement of all major subsidized fertilizers is being monitored by the government throughout the country by an on-line web based monitoring system ( also called as Integrated Fertilizer Monitoring System (iFMS)

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