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Appeal to farmers to apply balanced fertiliser and take bill of purchase of agri inputs: JDA Indore

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28 December 2021, Indore: Farmers have been advised by Joint Director Agriculture of Indore district not to use chemical fertilisers more than required. He highlighted the importance of nutrients other than N, P and K which are also needed for good growth of the crop. He further suggested that farmers should conduct soil test an d then use chemical fertilisers accordingly.

The farmers of the district have been urged to use fertilizers after getting complete information from agricultural scientists and extension workers so that good production of the crop is obtained. At present, sufficient fertiliser is available in the district for Rabi crops.

Joint Director Agriculture has requested all the farmers of all the districts that during the sowing of Rabi season, they must take the original receipt / bill from the agri input dealer from which they buy fertilisers, seeds and other agri inputs. If any trader, shopkeeper refuses to give the bill or does not give the bill on time, then immediately bring this information to the notice of the local SDM, so that strict action can be taken against the seller concerned after investigation.

For wheat crop, Urea dosage is 213 kg., NPK 186 kg and Muriate of Potash 17 kg. per hectare is required. For gram Urea 44 kg and Super Phosphate 375 kg per hectare is required. For Mustard 130 kg of Urea, Super Phosphate 188 kg and Muriate of Potash 33 kg per hectare. For lentils Urea 54 kg per hectare and Super Phosphate 313 kg per hectare.

The Agriculture Department has appealed to the farmers to use only the recommended quantity of chemical fertilizers in wheat, mustard, gram and lentil crops. NPK as an alternative to DAP and SSP. Good yield can be obtained by using Urea and Muriate of potash fertilisers. Also, by using Single Super Phosphate, Sulphur 11 percent and Calcium 21 percent will also be obtained, which will be helpful in increasing the production of the crop.

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