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Haryana district administration asks protesting farmers to discuss their demands

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23 May 2021, Chandigarh: Now it’s time to fight against Corona, farmers must cooperate

Solution can only be sought through discussions; Farmers’ organisations should come forward for talks

Farmers should be alert and aware of disruptive elements that enter the movement; violence and anarchy is not in anyone’s interest

Chandigarh, May 23: The District Administration of Hisar has appealed to the farmers that during the COVID-19 Pandemic they should come forward and participate in discussions so that they don’t have to continue their protest.  The solution to the biggest issues is possible only through dialogue.

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Giving information in this regard an official spokesperson said that issues related to farmers have been discussed earlier also by the Administration and the doors of the Administration are still open for talks.  A letter demanding dialogue was written to the District Administration on behalf of the farmers’ organizations, he added. He said that acting on this demand the District Administration has invited farmers’ organizations for talks.

He said that an appeal has been made to the farmers that they should come forward for talks at the earliest. It is time to fight against COVID-19 collectively so that this pandemic can be conquered quickly. If discussions are ignored and large crowds continue to gather the COVID-19 situation will spiral out of control. In the talks held on May 21, 2021 the farmers had made their demands while giving a presentation to the Hisar Mandalayukta.  In order to address these demands, representatives of the farmers’ organization have been invited to speak with the Division Commissioner.  The Division Commissioner said that in these difficult times of the Pandemic, it is necessary that the solution of the Farmers’ movement should be found through dialogue in a peaceful manner. Any confrontation will present difficulties in the ongoing fight against COVID-19. 

The spokesperson said that the Administration is fully committed to control the spread of COVID-19 and protect the common man from it.  The doors of Administration are always open to the farmers as mutual confrontation is not in anyone’s interest, he added. He said that farmers should take meaningful initiatives towards finding solutions to the farmer movement with positive thinking. An appeal has also been made to the farmers to remain  vigilant about their movement as it is suspected that disruptive elements have associated themselves with this movement and they may cause untoward incidents.  He said that the farmers should be careful and carry out their movement with a peaceful and limited number as this is in the interest of all citizens.

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