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PAU Experts Caution Farmers Against the Attack of Mite Pests In Vegetables

23 June 2021, Punjab: The PAU Live Programme was organised today wherein experts cautioned the farmers against the attack of mite pests in summer vegetables. They also discussed direct seeding of rice (DSR), weed management and farm operations.

Dr MS Bhullar, Head, Department of Agronomy, said DSR technology has found favour with the farmers of Punjab. He explained the irrigation and fertilizer management in DSR and weed management in different crops.

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Dr Paramjit Kaur, Assistant Entomologist and Mr Ravinder Bhalooria, while referring to the management of mites in summer vegetables, said the temperature at present was conducive for the development of mite pests, which attack vegetables like cucumber, brinjal, okra, capsicum, etc. They advised the farmers to follow PAU recommendations for their management. Besides, they also informed about the farm operations for agro-forestry (poplar); floriculture and landscaping (chrysanthemum, gladiolus, rose, bougainvillea, lawn and other new plants); and management of animals in summer season.