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PAU Expert Cautions Farmers Against Attack Of Late Blight Disease In Potato

16 December 2020, Punjab, IN: During the live programme of Punjab Agricultural University today, Dr BVC Mahajan, Director, Punjab Horticultural Postharvest Technology Centre (PHPTC), said India is leading in mango and banana production but nearly one-third of the produce is wasted. He urged the farmers as well as entrepreneurs to follow post-harvest management technologies for various crops and obtain training in this direction from PHPTC. He also explained in detail the post-harvest management technologies.

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Dr Amarjit Singh, Senior Extension Specialist (Plant Pathology), said the weather was conducive for the development of late blight disease in potato. He cautioned the farmers against the attack of late blight in potato and advised them to follow PAU recommendations for its management. He also stressed on rouging out virus infected plants from the fields. For the management of potato scab, he advised: “To prevent drying of soil, regular irrigation should be given from tuberization to maturity.”

Dr Simerjeet Kaur, Principal Agronomist and Mr Ravinder Bhalooria, Mobilizer, Skill Development Centre, explained farm operations to be carried out for spring maize, sugarcane, spring planted potato and mentha in the second fortnight of January. Dr Kaur also dwelt upon weed management in wheat.