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Kharif sowing in India 41 lakh hectare less than last year

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11 July 2022, New Delhi: Kharif sowing for the year is reported to be 41 lakh hectare behind as compared to last year’s corresponding period and is moving at a slow pace. So far, 406.66 lakh hectares have been sown, whereas last year during this period 448.23 lakh hectares were sown therefore the difference. These are the latest released figures from the Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers’ Welfare on 9th July 2022.

Pulses, coarse cereals and cotton have covered much area where as the area under major crops has gone down. Paddy is one of the major crop of Kharif and has also been sown in about 72.24 lakh hectares as against 95 lakh hectares in the same period last year.

Sowing of moong

According to the data released by the Ministry of Agriculture, so far the area under pulses has increased to 46.55 lakh hectare, which was 46.10 lakh hectare in the same period, in which tur has been sown in 16.58 lakh hectare, as against 23.22 lakh hectare in the same period last year. So far, urad has been sown in 7.47 lakh hectares. Sowing of moong has been done in 16.02 lakh hectare, which was done in 11.65 lakh hectare last year in the same period.


The total area under oilseeds has decreased to 77.80 lakh hectare, which was 97.56 lakh hectare so far last year. Soyabean, which has changed the condition of the farmers in the central region of India, still remains the first choice of the farmers. Soybean has been sown so far in 54.43 lakh hectare as against last year’s 69.54 lakh hectare, similarly sowing of groundnut is 20.51 lakh hectare as against 25.31  lakh hectares last year, sunflower has been sown in 1.16 lakh hectares.

Coarse Grain 

So far this year, the sowing of coarse cereals has increased as compared to last year. Maize has been sown in 31.84 lakh hectares, compared to 41.63 lakh hectares in the same period last year. Jowar has been sown in 4.50 lakh hectares, while bajra has been sown in 26.77 lakh hectares.

The area under sugarcane in the country has increased to 53.31 lakh hectare as against 53.56 lakh hectare during the same period. The area under Jute and Mesta has increased to 6.86 lakh hectare, while that of cotton has increased to 84.60 lakh hectare as against 84.75 lakh hectare during the same period last year.

Kharif sowing progress as on 9th July 2022

2Total Pulses46.5546.100.450.98
(v)Other Pulses6.352.703.65135.12
3Total Coarse Cereals65.3164.360.951.48
(v)Small Millets2.042.89-0.85-29.41
4Total Oilseeds77.8097.56-19.77-20.26
(vii)Other Oilseeds0.060.040.0245.15
6Total Jute and Mesta6.866.91-0.05-0.78
Grand Total406.66448.23-41.57-9.27
Kharif sowing progress as on 9th July 2022

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