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Checklist for customs on import of pesticides in India: CIB & RC

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22 February 2022, New Delhi: CIB & RC (Central Insecticide Bureau & Registration Committee) released a notice comprising of the checklist for customs on import of pesticides for better implementation and dealing with consignments containing imported pesticides.

Checklist for customs on import of pesticides:

A. As insecticides, i.e. any substance included in the Schedule to the Insecticides Act, 1968 (displayed on the above mentioned website), or any preparation containing anyone or more thereof, require mandatory registration under Section 9 by the Registration Committee, constituted under Section 5, of the said Act for insecticidal use or an import permit, issued by the same Committee, for non-insecticidal use. Therefore, no insecticide should be allowed to be imported without a valid Certificate of Registration or an Import Permit, issued by the Secretary, Central Insecticides Board & Registration Committee under his signature and official seal.

B. The Certificate of Registration or the Import Permit should be checked with respect to date of validity, if any mentioned thereon. In case, it is not mentioned, such certificate or import permit shall be treated as a permanent document. In case, any date of validity is mentioned, the import should not be allowed on or after its expiry.

C. The Import should be allowed only if the insecticide is originating from the source of import, as mentioned in the Certificate of Registration. In case, the name of a supplier is also mentioned therein, the material should route only through the supplier and should not be allowed directly from the source of import. A list of approved sources of import of various insecticides is available on the website.

D. In case, there is any variation in the name or address of either the source of import or the supplier and the endorsement of such change has not been obtained by the registrant from the Secretary, Central Insecticides Board & Registration Committee before the import, such import should not be allowed.

E. The consignment should be accompanied by an invoice of that insecticide issued by the source of import. Even in case of routing the material through the supplier, the material is required to originate fro‘m the source of import, duly accompanied by an invoice issued only by the source of import.“If the supplier or the manufacturer of the pesticide (source of import) is the principal company or the subsidiary of the registrant of the Pesticide in India, invoice can be generated from either the manufacturer or the supplier providing the complete details of the source of import in the invoice including name and mailing address as approved by the committee along with Authorization letter from the manufacturer for supplying the material.”

F. In cases of Certificate of Registration issued for pesticides for Import for Export category, it is to be ensured that the entire quantity imported against that Certificate is Exported too (in case of conversion of technical grade material into a preparation thereof, the quantity should be matching in terms of technical grade).

G. In case of doubt, the material should not be released. Only on receiving confirmatory information from the Secretary, Central Insecticides Board & Registration Committee the consignment may be dealt with further.

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