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Haryana government to subsidize drone spray, farmers to pay just Rs 100: Haryana Agriculture Minister JP Dalal

15 January 2024, Haryana: Haryana Agriculture Minister JP Dalal said that new schemes are being implemented in the state to increase the income of farmers and cattle herders and bring prosperity to their lives. Farmers and cattle herders should take advantage of these schemes. He called upon the farmers to use nano urea and DAP prepared by IFFCO through drones and do poison-free farming. He said that for spraying by drone, the farmer will have to pay only Rs 100 per acre, the remaining expense will be borne by the government. He said that the state government is committed to the protection of cow progeny, due to which the budget of the Cow Seva Commission has been increased from Rs 40 crore to Rs 400 crore.

 J.P. Dalal was addressing a gathering at village Mitathalin Bhiwani.

11 lakh rupees and 1 tractor to the cowshed.

The minister further announced to give Rs 11 lakh to village Tigraana and Sohasanda Gaushala and a tractor to Mitathal Gaushala. The Agriculture Minister announced giving Rs 11 lakh and a water tanker to village Bidhwan Gaushala. He said that the government is making every possible effort to ensure that the lives of farmers and cattle herders become happy and their families prosper. For this, there are many schemes based on subsidies in animal husbandry, horticulture, and fisheries by the government, which farmers and cattle rearers should take advantage of.

Ambulance service for animals will start soon

The Animal Husbandry Minister said that soon ambulance service for animals as well as for humans will start. For this, the government has purchased 70 vehicles and 130 will be purchased soon. After this service, in case the livestock gets injured or becomes seriously ill, the veterinarian will go to the spot and treat the sick or injured animal with just one phone call.

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