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Bengal farmers preferring to grow Broccoli instead of traditional Cauliflower

21 December 2022, New Delhi: Farmers in Bengal are rapidly shifting from growing the regular cauliflower crop to growing broccoli because of its higher margins. The sudden shift is due to the higher demand for broccoli in the state as well as the profit margins. 

As per the President of the West Bengal Vegetable Association, “The daily demand for broccoli used to be about 1.5 tonnes during 2020 and it used to be fulfilled from Karnataka. Now the requirement has increased by three times that is 4.5 tonnes/day.”

The major reason for this shift is the local demand and price stability. Cauliflower prices per piece are around Rs. 30-40 which falls to Rs. 6 to 8 per piece in peak season. At the same time, Broccoli prices are stable at around Rs. 40 in the off-season, and even in peak season farmers can easily get Rs. 20-30/piece.

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