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Important Advisory for the Litchi Farmers of Bihar for April

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05 April 2024, New Delhi: The Horticulture Directorate under the Department of Agriculture of the Bihar government has released a crucial advisory for the litchi farmers of the state. The below advisory will help the farmers take corrective actions and prepare for a good harvest.

Advisory for April for the litchi farmers of Bihar:

1. Shahi variety of litchi has yielded fruits. If the fruits have taken the shape of cloves then remove the bee boxes from the garden. If the China variety has not borne fruit, then leave the bee boxes in the garden until it bears fruit. If the fruit has been set, remove the bee boxes.
2. When the fruits are in the shape of cloves, do light irrigation in the orchard.
3. When the fruits are of clove size, treat 8-12-year-old plants with 350 grams of urea and 250 grams of potassium sulphate and for plants above 15 years of age, treat with 450-500 grams of urea and 300 to 350 grams of potassium sulphate. Keep in mind that fertilizers should be used only when there is sufficient moisture. Use fertilizer by making a 15 cm wide and deep groove 1 meter away from the hive.
4. Spray fungicide thiophanate methyl 70% WP at 2 grams per liter to prevent blight/fruit blight and other diseases. Do not spray fungicide by mixing it with insecticide.
5. Spray insecticides only two days after spraying fungicides. To protect litchi fruit from borer insects, spray a solution of Thiacloprid (21% SC) 0.6 ml/liter of water or Emamectin benzoate (0.5 ml/ liter) + Fipronil (1.5 ml/liter). Keep in mind that Spray the chemical only after the fruits become clove-sized.
6. To prevent fruit drop, apply Planofix 1.0 ml/4.5 liter of water or NAA 7-10 days after fruit set. Make a solution of 20 ppm (20 mg/litre) and spray. Do a second spraying after 15 days.
7. To prevent the problem of cracking of fruits, if the fruits have become clove-shaped then spray the plants with borax (20%) or water-soluble boron mixed at 4 grams per liter of water. Use the correct amount of borax, otherwise, it may harm the plant.
8. To get the best quality fruits, cover the bunches with pink/white colored non-woven polypropylene bags 20-25 days after fruit emergence (bag litchi bunches).
9. Maintain moisture in the orchard by making proper arrangements for irrigation until the fruits ripen.

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