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What Are the Benefits of Sowing Maize on Ridges

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05 April 2024, New Delhi: Sowing of maize on ridges have three main benefits. 

1. Conservation of resources: By sowing the crop by this method. 20-30% irrigation water is saved, 25-40% seed and 25% nitrogen can be saved.

2. Crop protection: By cultivating maize on ridges, the crop can be protected from damage caused by excessive rainfall. In case of excessive rainfall, the drain between two rows is used for drainage, which can prevent crop loss due to water logging and due to the empty space between the two rows, it usually remains stable even in strong winds. The crop does not fall.

3. Production: By planting crops on ridges, the health of the plants remains good due to adequate availability of sun rays and air. Due to which quality, production and productivity increases.

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