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Farmers who have not sown soyabean yet advised not to do so now

12 July 2022, Bhopal: In order to get maximum production from soybean, it was recommended to complete sowing of soybean in the first week of July. This was in accordance with the advisory issued by the Soybean Research Institute and weather forecast.

Indian Institute of Soybean Research, Indore has advised the farmers that if they have not sown soyabean yet, then they should not sow soyabean now. Along with this, the institute advised the farmers to sow any profitable crop other than soybean. The Indian Institute of Soybean Research, Indore has mentioned this advice in its weekly advisory for the period 11th to 17th July.

In Madhya Pradesh, there is a wide variation in the date of sowing of soybean. The soybean in the state has been sown at three different sowing dates. This makes the crop DAS (Days after sowing) age as 10-15, 20-25 and some farmers have sown last week which makes it 7 day old.

Since the crops have been sown on different dates, this time there is a possibility of pest attack for a long time. This is due to the sowing of the crop on different dates in the last 25 days. These pests will be able to live their entire life cycle on soybean crops of different ages. This can now increase the cost of soybean cultivation as the farmer may have to use more crop protection measures.

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