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Yellow and purple cauliflower showcased at the Indo-Israel Center of Excellence for Vegetables

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07 January 2023, Haryana: Purple and yellow cauliflower have been successfully grown at the Indo-Israel Centre of Excellence for Vegetables in Gharaunda, Haryana. Although the seeds to produce colorful cauliflower have already been developed by several global corporations, the Centre has grown the colored cauliflower for demonstration purposes.

Deputy Director of Horticulture Dr. Sudhir Kumar Yadav said, “We successfully cultivated the cauliflower for demonstration purposes. Cauliflower can now be grown all around the state by farmers. They are receiving training from us.”

The Center had previously begun producing colored capsicums. Farmers are already growing these on vast scales with profitable results. According to Dr. Ajay Chauhan, the Center’s subject matter expert, growing colorful cauliflower could be profitable due to its high nutritional content.

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