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Pessl Instruments announces the purchase of SPORTS TURF DATA SOLUTIONS LTD – a UK corporation in offering data solutions for the Golf and Sports Green industry

07 February 2023, Austria: Pessl Instruments GmbH. an Austrian multinational company with offices in over 15 countries and representations in over 50 countries worldwide is proud to announce the acquisition of SPORTS TURF DATA SOLUTIONS LTD owned by renowned industry professional Adam Sedgwick.

With this acquisition Pessl Instruments GmbH, a global manufacturer and leading provider of advanced agricultural technology solutions under the METOS® brand will start entering the Golf and Sports Green market with new and proven solutions to make the industry more resilient to the challenges of the global climate risks. Pessl Instruments GmbH have helped hundreds of thousands of professionals worldwide for almost 4 decades and now with the new brand METOS Turf LTD we want to help superintendents, consultants and groundsmen all over the world with practical and proven solutions to address the challenges of better management practices on sports greens.

In order to meet the needs of the modern sports green industry we have developed the METOS® line of products which measure the most important environmental parameters in real time to prevent grass diseases, manage irrigation needs, monitor insect infestation, and help with workforce management planning, spray timing, drift in order to avoid mistakes and over dosages. These new systems are powered by the latest miniaturized solar powered IOT´s (Internet of Things), AI driven software and will help the green industry to save time, resources and money, while lowering the harmful effect on the environment and have a super fast ROI.

“When we decided to acquire SPORTS TURF DATA SOLUTIONS LTD from Adam Sedgwick we made the decision to return into this industry after almost 20 years of absence in a strong way. We have been testing our technology on more than 50 golf courses from 2020 to 2022 in Germany, Austria and Switzerland with over 250 deployed devices and the related software. With Adam Sedgwick as President of the newly named company METOS Turf we are confident of success. Pessl Instruments has global collaborations with multinational companies in the input industry (BASF, BAYER, SYNGENTA, CORTEVA, KOPPERT, ICL, FLORATINE, YARA and many more) the machine industry (JOHN DEERE, BARONESS etc.) and last but not least in the Management Software Industry as well (Punctus, ONLINK and many more) to offer unique user experience.

We offer the industry the best and proven hard- and software technology with highly reliable sensors in the soil and in the air to be permanently connected on the mobile phone with your sport green. With our hard- and software you will be able to do a better job and reduce inputs and water to the required amount, save the environment and have better playing conditions at the same time,”

begins explaining Gottfried Pessl, CEO & Founder of Pessl Instruments.

“When I decided to sell my company and team up as Global President of METOS TURF LTD. It was a Kodak moment in my life as with the experience of Pessl Instruments in Agriculture with over 1 MILLION deployed sensors I felt comfortable to do similar numbers in the sports turf industry. METOS® Turf as a Pessl Instruments Group Company has the global power for offering the best support worldwide. METOS Turf LTD will act as an independent partner for the global sport turf industry. Our complete line of products will enhance the process control, boost the efficiency, improve turf quality and help to do a proactive approach to face climate change.

We are all part of an advanced ecosystem – the revolution of the connected sports field gets reality,”

concluded Sedgwick.

The revolution of the connected Sport Turf is now here. Remote monitoring helps automate the maintenance processes that result in better playing conditions, reduced resource usage and better managed natural resources with a lower impact on the environment.

Please download our latest product offering here or visit us next week at the GCSAA conference: Booth No. 2817 or next week in Dresden, where we’ll be attending GREENKEEPER VERBAND.

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