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BASF Digital Farming and AGvisorPRO connect to enhance agronomic decisions

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  • xarvio SCOUTING users gain real-time access to AGvisorPRO’s advisor network, in addition to BASF customer support team
  • Collaboration provides greater convenience to help farmers manage and mitigate in-field problems
  • Ag in Motion (AIM) Ag Innovation Program award winners connect

09 March 2021, Canada: BASF Digital Farming (BASF) has signed an agreement with AGvisorPRO to provide farmers, that have identified in-field problems using the xarvio™ SCOUTING application (app) on their smartphone, with expanded access to a local, accredited agronomic advisor. AGvisorPRO advisors complement BASF’s robust customer support program which encompasses BASF sales representatives, the BASF AgSolutions Customer Care team, and local retailers across Canada.

The agreement pairs the unique, market leading capabilities of two award-winning digital farming applications (app) – BASF Digital Farming’s xarvio SCOUTING with AGvisorPRO. Both apps were AIM Innovation Program award winners in 2019 and 2020 respectively.

SCOUTING users will be able to share pictures they took of an in-field problem, such as unknown weeds, diseases, or insects, with a virtual agronomic advisor to learn about solutions. After receiving an instant response and high-level recommendations from the xarvio™ SCOUTING app, users can choose to connect to agriculture domain experts by simply touching the AGvisorPRO button embedded in the app. AGvisorPRO will provide an instant or scheduled connection to the fee-based expert of choice via embedded audio, video, picture sharing or chat.

“The connection between our automatized in-field problem identifier, xarvio SCOUTING, and the AGvisorPRO connectivity platform will provide another way to assist farmers with identifying problems in their field,” said Brent Nicol, Commercial Lead for xarvio at BASF Digital Farming. “This collaboration builds on BASF’s responsive customer support team and local retailer network, which helps SCOUTING users receive top tier agronomic advice as quickly as possible, helping to enhance agronomic decisions that can optimize crop production while fostering sustainability. AGvisorPro represents our first collaboration in this area. We look forward to adding additional contributors and further supporting our strong local presence throughout Canada.”

“This collaboration demonstrates how AGvisorPRO is working to bring experts into the field without having to be on the farm. AGvisorPRO is not a consulting firm; we are a connectivity channel. Independent, industry and government experts who have registered themselves with AGvisorPRO will be available through this application,” explained Robert Saik, AGvisorPRO CEO. “It is my belief that the key to greater profitability, increased sustainability and enhanced food security comes from farmers having access to the right information from the right expert at the right time. With SCOUTING and AGvisorPRO our goal is to make agriculture better.”

xarvio SCOUTING users will be able to access AGvisorPRO advisors, their BASF sales representative, and the BASF AgSolutions Customer Care team through the app for the 2021 growing season. AGvisorPRO is the first external agronomic advisor group to complement the BASF customer support team via xarvio SCOUTING.

About xarvio Digital Farming Solutions a brand by BASF Digital Farming GmbH

xarvio Digital Farming Solutions is at the forefront of the digital transformation of agriculture, optimizing crop production. xarvio offers digital products, based on a global leading crop model platform, which deliver independent, field-zone-specific agronomic advice that enables farmers to produce their crops more efficiently and sustainably. xarvio products SCOUTING, FIELD MANAGER and HEALTHY FIELDS are being used by farmers in more than 100 countries. xarvio FIELD MANAGER is used by 43,000 farmers (total area of more than 5 million ha) in 17 countries, and xarvio SCOUTING is used by more 3.8 million farmers and consultants. For more information please visit or any of our social media channels.

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