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Pessl Instruments meets Vodafone for greener future

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18 January 2023, Austria: The collaboration between Pessl Instruments and Vodafone is a great example of how digital technologies, and the access to data they provide, can help businesses become not only more efficient and greener but also more employee-friendly.

Vodafone, one of the biggest telecommunications companies in the world, is focused on removing barriers to digital technology and making it accessible to everyone, with use of innovative technologies to enhance and reinvent everyday experiences. Following their sustainability strategy they have become one of the world’s most important green-thinking companies. Vodafone, who’s most known for its telecommunication business, is also leading the way towards solutions in the field of ag-tech support.

Our CEO and founder mr. Gottfried Pessl visited Vodafone’s offices in London on 12.01.2023 to see how µMETOS station is helping them in their in-office agricultural ventures. As Vodafone’s a company that’s always following green and sustainable practices, they’ve invented an indoor ready-to-eat garden. With the help of METOS® station they are carefully planning the fertigation and other important plant-growing activities so that their employees have fresh veggies within reach. The plants, which are harvested every 6 weeks, are healthy, fresh and give their employees a new perspective on how the workplace really cares for serving their health-related needs.

As the world is quickly changing, new approaches to growing vegetables are a must. Climate change has grave consequences in food production and agriculture and precision ag-tech technologies can help minimize the bad and maximize the good – vegetable health, food security,… and in Vodafone’s case also emphasizing well-being of the employees.

Pessl Instruments and Vodafone already have some great history of working together, as Vodafone is one of the leading Pessl Instruments’s communications partners. But besides that, there have been quite a few projects, all around the world, from Turkey to Poland and Albania, where Pessl Instruments and Vodafone joined forces.

One of those projects is the Digital Agriculture project, through which we are increasing farmers’ resource efficiency by reducing the amount of water and fertilizers used, warn farmers of unexpected weather conditions via proactive warnings, contribute to sustainable agriculture by reducing operational costs and assuring better future for farmers and ecosystems by digitalization of agriculture. And much more.

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