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ADAMA increases its digital transformation with disease prediction application powered by Pessl Instruments

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TEL AVIV, ISRAEL, September 23 2020 – ADAMA Ltd., leading global crop protection company, today announced it has signed a global partnership with Pessl Instruments, providing ADAMA unlimited access to its vast portfolio of disease models for dozens of key crops around the world.

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Pessl, a leader in the development and distribution of hardware and software for smart agriculture applications, develops disease model algorithms based on environmental parameters collected from farmers’ cloud-connected weather stations linked to the biology and life cycle of the disease  to predict the onset and progression of diseases in crops. Utilizing the Company’s digital mobile platforms, ADAMA’s customers around the world will be able to access customized insights about the specific diseases to which their crops are most vulnerable to based on local environmental conditions. This will enable more effective and efficient, environmentally conscious application of crop protection solutions.

Library of Disease Models

“Pessl’s impressive library of disease models speeds us towards delivering on our goal of providing customized, effective solutions to our customers and significantly increasing the value we bring to farmers by arming them with a tool that supports more timely application of crop inputs,” said Georgiana Francescotti, ADAMA’s Head of Global AgTech & Digital Services.

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“We’re delighted that Pessl can help us add a new dimension to the support we provide our customers and look forward to unlocking a better understanding of disease development. This will enable farmers to make timely applications with better efficacy and improved crop yields” added Danny North, ADAMA’s Head of Portfolio Strategy at ADAMA.

ADAMA can use the Pessl disease models to deliver pinpointed advice to farmers, allowing them to treat plant diseases earlier in their development and identify the most effective product for each point in the disease cycle. In this way, Pessl increases the efficacy of ADAMA products, increases crop yields, and improves resistance management.

“After expanding our partnership with ADAMA in 2018, we are more than excited to take it another step further. In agriculture, where many factors can drastically impact the end results, it is especially important to constantly develop new solutions that help mitigate these impacts,” explains Gottfried Pessl, CEO and founder of Pessl Instruments. “I am confident that connecting our technologically advanced solutions with ADAMA’s deep understanding of farmer’s needs and impressive portfolio of crop protection solutions, will bring the crop protection to a completely new level in reducing the risk of crop failures from which farmers all over the globe will benefit the most.”

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