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Jacto enters new market segment of seeding, autonomous spraying and sugarcane harvesting

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20 August 2020, Brazil: Jacto consolidates its innovative vision and commitment to current and future solutions to agriculture by joining the seeding and sugarcane harvest markets, besides presenting its autonomous sprayer, Arbus 4000 JAV. The company also entered into service segment with “Jacto Connect” platform in Jacto Digital Ecosystem.

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“This is a landmark of the new times for us as a company, which has contributed to agriculture for the last 72 years, and at the same looked towards the future, to where we want to be when we celebrate 100 years in business. This sample of products and services, some available in the market already in 2020 and others in the following years, reinforces the company’s innovative DNA in its search for innovations that make sense in the fields, and that are tools to raise farmers’ competitiveness in Brazil and in the world in face of a more demanding and challenging scenario”, comments Fernando Gonçalves, Jacto Director President.

New times, new solutions 

Entering into new market segments is part of the company’s strategy to grow.

It means creating new product lines, entering into new markets and expanding abroad. It is exactly what we are doing” explains Fernando Gonçalves who adds: “innovations must be based on new premises such as digitization, efficiency and productivity in the fields, production traceability and attention to consumers who are increasingly more active and engaged in sustainable practices and responsible attitudes. Therefore, constant innovation is a decisive factor for famers, the center of the productive chain, to produce more and better”, he says.

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Among the products presented are:

Seeding line – Jacto’s objective by launching Uniport Planter 500, Lumina 400 and Meridia 200 is to present new seeding solutions to the market.

Uniport Planter 500 is the first self-propelled and hybrid seed drill in Brazil. It reinforces the pioneering work of the company by presenting innovative farming solutions. It will feature configurations with 49 or 61 seed lines. A central 8,700-liter tank with a single filling point assembled on the vehicle, at its rear part, speeds up filling operations as it allows the vehicle to travel without the implement. The hybrid transmission system gains energy efficiency and contributes for a more sustainable agricultural production. 

Lumina 400 is a self-transportable tractor-mounted seed drill with an 8,700-liter central tank and a single filling point that reduces considerably downtime for refilling and increases working hours. The machine can be configured for 29, 33 or 37 seed lines. It is a versatile and agile seed drill especially developed to be transported on the roads, with a maximum width of 3.20 m when the seed lines are folded. The fertilizer tank can be also filled with seeds what allows a complete workday without stops.

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Meridia 200, also tractor-mounted, will be available on the market this year with 11 and 13 seed lines. It is a seed drill with excellent plantability that features uniform finish, distribution and depth. It also features excellent straw flow to reduce stops and allow more available time to work with agility in the operations.

In short, the main benefits of the three seed drills are:

Greater plantability through the Downforce seed line system which together with the articulated multi-body chassis (with 25-degree articulation freedom for Meridia and 22-degree for Lumina and Uniport Planter), allow the seed drill to adapt to the ground profile and improve seeding uniformity.

Plantability is also increased by the use of the pneumatic distribution system and the Precision Planting seed doser.

Increased seeding availability through the easy and simple maintenance of elements that suffer natural wear; the quick adjustment system of the seed depth wheel; the high capacity seed tank with more than 300 liters of inputs per line in Meridia, and the central tank with capacity of 8,700 liters and a single filling point in Lumina and in Planter.

Also for Lumina and Planter, the complete closing of the seed lines allows reaching the maximum width of 3.20 what makes transport and logistics easier.

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More efficient straw flow through a higher clearance in relation to the ground, through narrower structures and the possibility of using larger-diameter cutting discs.

For Lumina and Planter, seeding optimization is added through the use of Precision Agriculture tools such as the controller for opening and closing of line-by-line flow rate of seeds.

For Planter, the benefit is the greater energy efficiency thanks to the hybrid transmission system – a diesel engine with coupled generator that activates electric motors mounted independently on four wheels – and the use of independent traction and skidding control on the 4 wheels delivers a more uniform seeding speed.

Sugarcane Harvester

Hover 500 Sugarcane Harvester – It will provide more productivity and savings as it has the differential of harvesting 2 rows simultaneously and the potential to reduce up to 35% the consumption of fuel per ton of harvested cane.

The unique floating harvest platform design at the front of the machine allows the harvester to adapt to ground irregularities and to provide higher quality cut at the appropriate height with reduced losses, and preserve the integrity of the cane fields. Among other innovative differentials, the more efficient cleaning system provided by centrifugal fans which clean the cane in two phases stands out.

Another highlight is the reduction in soil compaction because it travels only in half of the crop rows in which one-row harvesters travel. This reduction in soil compaction provides the preservation of sugarcane stubbles, a higher number of cuts in sugarcane field and reduction in renovation investments.

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Autonomous Spraying

Arbus 4000 JAV – Autonomous spraying solution for citrus crops, it is equipped with an unprecedented spray technology featuring Jacto’s brand and DNA. Using a laser-scanning system to assess the plant foliar mass, it can identify the size and proportion of the plant as well as where there is green mass.

This information is used as input to control the spraying system, which through an individual set of valves integrated to the multi-fan system operates independently through electric motors and provides a differentiated quality spraying, with intelligent section cutting, and delivers the exact product amount and the ideal air volume in each part of the plant. This prevents waste of product and energy.

Arbus 4000 JAV has an autonomous operation control with remote monitoring and vehicle interactive control through a console which can be within the fleet manager’s reach. The technology allows working with more than one vehicle at the same time with the convoy function and the virtual alignment of the machines. The vehicle also features the intelligent obstacle control management which stops it automatically when it identifies an obstacle and the manager can decide which action to take. In terms of design, the machine is modern and compact, without surface that can damage the fruits and parts of the plant.

Digital Ecosystem announces new modules in Jacto Connect: presented last May, Jacto Digital Ecosystem stablishes itself as a platform and presents new modules in Jacto Connect. Customer service, product information bank, farm chat, operation management, reseller locator, training, agricultural tools and machine classifieds modules are available on the market from now on.

The map service is highlighted in these modules, which will be free, and there will also be a machine financing simulator.

“With Jacto Connect, we will change the experience of our customers, making navigation between already available software and apps easier. We will also improve service flow, make communication with users and their access to our services easier” stresses Fernando Gonçalves Neto, Jacto Director President.  

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