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METOS weather stations can now be connected with xarvio Field Manager

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18 November 2021, Germany: xarvio® FIELD MANAGER, from BASF Digital Farming, has expanded weather station device connectivity options for farmers by enabling the integration of data from METOS by Pessl Instruments and Sencrop.

Enabling the connection of weather station devices from both recognized companies increases choice among compatible weather stations for xarvio® FIELD MANAGER customers. It also enhances crop production decisions, as hyper-local weather data from connected devices is seamlessly integrated into xarvio’s agronomic algorithms and models. xarvio® FIELD MANAGER constantly analyses the incoming weather data to support growth stage models, fertilization, crop protection and growth regulator timing, as well as product recommendations.

xarvio® FIELD MANAGER customers using a METOS by Pessl Instruments device will now be able to connect and integrate weather data in Brazil, Argentina, the United States and Europe.

For xarvio® FIELD MANAGER customers with Sencrop devices, connection and weather data integration possibility is increased to now include Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Netherlands, Poland, United Kingdom and Ukraine. In France, Sencrop has been integrated in xarvio® FIELD MANAGER since January 2021.

Linking a weather station device from either company with xarvio® FIELD MANAGER is a quick and smooth process using state-of-the-art IT security. Customers simply log into xarvio® FIELD MANAGER, click on “Weather stations” in the user settings menu, select the manufacturer of their weather station, then enter a unique key that is automatically generated by the device manufacturer. The process only takes minutes to complete, with the weather data from the connected device immediately integrated into xarvio® FIELD MANAGER.

“Our focus is on providing farmers with convenient and timely access to precise agronomic information and recommendations to optimize crop production”, says Parvathy Chandrasekhar, Global Product Manager xarvio® FIELD MANAGER, BASF Digital Farming GmbH.

“We already offer connection possibilities with the weather station devices from Arable, so adding METOS by Pessl Instruments and Sencrop gives customers greater choice. Furthermore, it highlights the value we place on partnering with leading-edge companies to deliver digital farming solutions that continually improve agronomic outcomes and support sustainability.”

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