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Watch Out for These 4 Hidden Costs When Buying Inputs

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07 February 2023, US: Price transparency across the chemical industry has historically been poor, with little visibility to comparable value offers between retailers. It can be tempting to focus only on the cost per unit of an input without considering other factors that influence the collective value you’re getting when you purchase a product from a particular retailer. Fees, product availability and payment options are just some of the factors that should be considered when evaluating a purchase decision.

Before making your next purchase for your ag operation, watch out for these four hidden costs to make sure you’re getting the best possible value for your money. 

1. Delivery Fees

While the price of a product may seem low at first glance, remember to also factor in the price of delivery.

While many retailers charge fees for delivery, FBN® offers free, direct-to-farm delivery on qualifying agronomy orders of $5,000 or more and $500 or more for animal health purchases. 

With 32 logistics centers and counting across North America, there’s an FBN location near you ready to deliver your purchase directly to your operation. 

Along with delivery fees, also keep delivery timing in mind. Some ag retailers may deliver your order at their own convenience based on their product supply, logistics timing, and fleet availability. Unfortunately, that timing rarely aligns with your own schedule and can often be inconvenient.

FBN allows you to schedule your own delivery windows to make sure your order arrives by a specific date. Need your order soon? Your purchase will be delivered directly to your farm as soon as possible. Prefer to wait for your order to be delivered next month or later? Not a problem; select a future delivery window that aligns with your preferences and schedule. 

2. Supply and Inventory Limitations

The past few years have seen a flurry of supply chain disruptions and widespread product availability challenges; COVID-19, global trade uncertainty, international conflict, high fuel costs and other factors have all exacerbated issues throughout the global ag supply chain. 

While the recent disruptions have caused product supply challenges for many ag retailers, impacting their ability to sell products — and even fulfill orders — FBN has remained proactive in reliably securing ag product supplies for members. 

This remains true in today’s market. With sufficient supply to fulfill orders placed for key inputs like AgSaver™ Glyphosate 53.8%Willowood Glypho 6 and Atrazine*, FBN Direct has the products you need to run your operation smoothly this season. 

[WATCH: FBN Supply Chain Team Discusses 2023 Input Supply Chain Outlook]

3. Rebates vs. Transparent Discounts

Many ag retailers employ rebate offers to help farmers save money off the upfront product price — but the rebate process can often be a time consuming and complicated hassle. 

To keep things simple and help you spend your time where it’s most impactful — running your operation — FBN discounts and special offers on product pricing are always upfront and do not involve rebates.

Here are a few of the FBN special offers and discounts currently available (terms and conditions apply, full program details can be found in the related links): 

  • Cash Discount – Make a qualifying cash payment on seed, crop protection, adjuvant, or crop nutrition purchases to unlock an additional 2% discount now through March 31, 2023. 
  • Online Checkout Discount – Build an online order with FBN and then self-check out on your own through FBN Direct to earn a $150 discount on your next qualifying order of $5,000+. 
  • New Customer Discount – Now through March 31, 2023, save up to $1,000 off your first order from FBN Direct with a qualifying minimum purchase if you have not previously ordered from FBN

4.  Available Financing Options

If you’re looking for financing to pay for inputs, you often need to reach out to a local bank to begin the process of applying for funding. In that scenario, your purchase has now expanded to involve three parties — you, the ag retailer, and your bank or other financial institution — quickly increasing the level of complication and communication needed to complete what should be a simple transaction. 

Simplify your funding process by paying for inputs with input financing or an operating line from FBN Finance. With operating lines of up to $5 million and 0% financing options with transparent terms, zero application fees and a simple and secure online application that can be completed in minutes, financing solutions from FBN Finance help you get more time back to focus on running your operation.

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