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Precision agriculture for Czech farmers

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14 April 2022, EU: The holistic vision and a wide range of IoT devices of METOS® by PESSL INSTRUMENTS GmbH will help Czech farmers in the field of precision agriculture that will provide holistic solutions for more profitable and less risky farming.

METOS® solutions:

  • help measure the most important environmental parameters
  • help to prevent plant diseases and insect infestation
  • help with time management (work planning, spraying, irrigation)
  • help you save time, resources and money
  • lower the harmful effect on the environment

Technology and proper agricultural practices can lead to agricultural transformation and sustainability that can meet the actual needs of farmers. Adoption of drought/flood/heat/pest-resistant cultivars, modern planting and crop‐rotation practices, integrated pest management (IPM), reducing CO2 emissions from the soil, etc. with appropriate decision-support tools can help protect the crops, minimize soil disturbance with less chemical input, maximize biodiversity and save valuable resources (Climate Change Post, 2022).

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The Czech Republic is no exception when it comes to climate change and how it impacts agricultural practices, which no longer stand for the production of food only, but now occupy an important social and environmental function (EUROPEA, 2019). The combination of increased air temperature and changes in the amount and distribution of precipitation due to changes in climatic conditions lead to a prolonged growing season and significant shifts in the agroclimatic zones (Trnka et al., 2011). Several measures have already been implemented, like especially organic farming, grassing over of cropland, creation of grass strips on sloped land and cultivation of intermediate crops, but there is an urgent need for additional measures that would resolve problems associated with irrigation system, and measures, that would contribute to resolving problems with erosion measures etc., as stated in Climate Change Post (2022).

Czech farmers can now turn to Hynek CHARVAT, who will help them find a perfect solution for environmental monitoring, disease models, water management and more. Please visit the website in Czech language for contact and more information.

For easier understanding of Pessl Instruments and METOS® solutions you can download a leaflet in Czech language here.

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