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Argentine state bans use of glyphosate

30 June 2023, China: The Argentine state of Misiones banned the use of glyphosate through a law passed by the local Chamber of Deputies.

According to the new legislation, the total elimination of the use of this product must occur by the year 2025.

Article 7 of the law prohibits the ″use of glyphosate, its components, and related products″,

In the transition period of the next two years, bioinputs should be promoted as ″methods that are friendlier to the environment″.

The new law also provides a regulatory framework for research, development, production, processing, registration, commercialization, and use of natural biological products.

Misiones has a state-owned company producing bioinputs, but its only current product is a biofertilizer.

A few months ago, the company Agrosustentavel, which produces these biological products, also set up shop in this province. (from agropages)

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