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Sri Lanka bans use of Glyphosate

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03 December 2021, Colombo: As per gazette notice issued on 30th November 2021, Sri Lanka has put Glyphosate back under banned agrochemical list.

The country has been in news for banning all chemical fertilisers earlier this year in May. The ban was revoked last month in November since the country is facing severe food shortage and high inflation. Most of the land holding remained uncultivated from the time the ban was announced. Food shortage has worsened in the last month which forced the government to lift the ban.

Glyphosate has a history of being banned earlier from 2013-2018 in the country. The reason for the ban was linked to kidney disease in humans. It was the pressure from the public which prompted the government to ban the molecule.

Even though there is a high demand of glyphosate from tea plantations and other commercial crop growers in the country, the cultivators are forces to look for expensive alternatives.

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