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Annual 30,000-ton glyphosate technical, formulation project launched in northwest China

19 October 2023, Beijing: In mid October the Chinese government published the environmental impact assessment for the annual 30,000-tonne glyphosate technical and formulation project launched in Lanzhou by the Chinese agrochemical company, Lanzhou Xinlongtai Biotechnology Co., Ltd. 

According to the details of a raw material supply, market forecast and in consideration of the availability of funds, Lanzhou Xinlongtai Biotechnology chose a rational production technology and an appropriate economic scale to build an annual 30,000-ton glyphosate technical and formulation plant in Lanzhou New District Fine Chemical Park, Gansu Province. The project is a relocation with an investment of RMB120 million yuan, which includes environmental spending worth RMB25.805 million, accounting for 21.5% of total project investment. 

The project will be implemented over two phases, with Phase I having an annual capacity of 9,000 tons of glyphosate technical and 1,000 tons of glyphosate solution while Phase II will an annual capacity of 18,000 tons of glyphosate technical and 2,000 tons of glyphosate solution, therefore, reaching total annual capacity of 27,000 tons of glyphosate technical and 3,000 tons of glyphosate solution.

Lanzhou Xinlongtai Biotechnology Co., Ltd., was established on June 27, 2019, located in Qinchuan Park, Lanzhou New District, Lanzhou City, Gansu Province. Its business scope covers the licensed production of pesticide, hazardous chemicals, basic chemical raw materials and chemical products.

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