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Indian government implements restrictions for use of Glyphosate

27 October 2022, New Delhi: In an order released on 25th of October 2022, the Indian government restricted the use of chemical Glyphosate in India. 

Glyphosate is used to clear all kind of weeds from agricultural fields. The major consumption is done in orchards and plantation crops. With the new restrictions in place, farmers cannot use glyphosate by themselves but will have to use the services of Pest Control Operators (PCO).

All holders of the certificate of registration granted for Glyphosate and its derivatives will have to return the certificate of registration to the Registration Committee for incorporation of the warning in bold letters “THE USE OF GLYPHOSATE FORMULATION TO BE ALLOWED THROUGH PEST CONTROL OPERATORS” on the label and leaflets.

The Indian Government had released the draft order for declaring its intention to restrict the use of Glyphosate on 7th July 2020 and invited objections and suggestions from the industry.

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