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Glyphosate to be allowed only through PCOs

06 July 2020, New Delhi: The Central Government today released a draft order, stating no person shall use Glyphosate except through Pest Control Operators (PCOs). The draft order may come into force 30 days from today if no objections or suggestions are received by the Joint Secretary (Plant Protection) Department of Agriculture & Farmers’ Welfare under Ministry Of Agriculture & Farmers’ Welfare.

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The draft order is prepared on the base of a report received by the Central Government from the Government of Kerala for prohibiting the distribution, sale and use of glyphosate and its derivatives.

The Central Government considered the report after due consultation with the Registration Committee.

Glyphosate is the most widely used broad spectrum systemic herbicide globally. It was first approved for use in the 1970s, and as of 2010 was labelled for use in 130 countries. Talking about the neighbouring country, Sri Lanka had banned the use and import of glyphosate in May 2015 however, in May 2018 the Sri Lankan government decided to re-authorize its use in the plantation sector.