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Arrival of new Soybean crop this year is likely to be delayed: SOPA

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26 September 2023, New Delhi: An extensive field survey of soybean crop was undertaken by teams of the Soybean Processors Association of India (SOPA) covering major soybean growing districts in Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, and Rajasthan, over ten days and has shared major findings. 

The total area under Soybean Crop as per the Government is 125.39 lakh hectares, as compared to 120.828 Lakh Hectares last year. There is an estimated 6% intercropping, mostly in Maharashtra, and the total actual area under soybean, adjusted for intercropping works out to 122.355 lakh hectares. The state-wise area is given below:

State-wise area under soybean in Kharif 2023
StateArea as per Govt. 2022 (Lakh Ha)Area as per SOPA 2022(Lakh Ha)Yield Kg per Ha. 2022Production Lakh MT 2022Area as per Govt. 2023 (Lakh Ha)Area as per SOPA 2023(Lakh Ha)
MADHYA PRADESH50.18350.661106954.13653.35153.351
OTHER STATES1.2861.28610561.3581.0201.020
State-wise area under soybean in Kharif 2023
Soybean Crop Health Condition

After the recent widespread rains in most of the soybean growing areas in the country, overall crop condition is normal. 

In about 15% of the total area, the long dry spell of 15 to 20 days resulted in moisture stress and some crop damage is possible in light and sandy soil. Normal yield may be affected in this area because of small grain size and poor pod formation.

Insects, pest, and disease attack was seen in some areas in Madhya Pradesh, due to high temperature, which may cause some yield loss.

Some of the major districts where minor crop damage was seen are Mandsour, Neemuch, Ratlam, Khandwa, Dewas, Khargone and Badwani in Madhya Pradesh, Kota, Pratapgarh, Baran and Jhhalawar in Rajasthan and Beed, Oshmanabad, Parbhani, Nanded, Akola, Amrawati, and Yewatmal in Maharashtra.

The crop sown between the 20th to 25th of June with early maturing varieties like JS9560, JS2034, PS1569, etc. is in the maturity stage and the yield in such areas is likely to be affected due to poor grain filling and small grain size.

In conclusion, the overall actual area under soybean is higher by 6.85% as compared to last year, after adjusting for intercropping. The overall condition of the crop is normal and we do not see a big damage to the crop as of now. The arrival of new soybean crop this year is likely to be delayed by 10 to 15 days, as compared to last year.

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