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SOPA survey shows 13.71% rise in soybean output at 118.889 lakh MTs

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12 October 2021, Indore: Notwithstanding reports of damage to soybean crops in some states due to inclement weather conditions and extended monsoon rains, the soybean production in the country is set to rise this year even as states like Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan have recorded a decline in sowing area. As per the latest  soybean crop estimate released by the Soybean Processors Association of India here on Sunday during the international soy conclave, soybean production in the country for the year 2021 has been pegged at 118.889 lakh tons which is higher by 13.71%  compared to last year.

As per the satellite survey carried out by the SOPA, soybean has been sown on 119.984 lakh hectares of land against the government’s estimate of 123.677 lakh hectares. As per the survey, the average yield of soybean per acre for the year 2021 has been  pegged  higher at 991 kg/hectare against 883 kg/hectare during 2020.

Contrary to fear of damage to the soybean crop in   Madhya Pradesh  due to delayed rains and decline in sowing area this year,  soybean output this year has been  estimated higher at  52.293 lakh tons against 41.772  lakh metric tons. Soybean production in Maharashtra, Telangana, Karnataka and Gujarat has also been estimated higher. As per the SOPA survey, soybean production in  Maharashtra this year would hit48.324 lakh tons against 45.444  lakh tons last year.. In Telangana, soybean production this year has been estimated at 3.540 lakh tons  against 1.644 lakh tons  last year. In Karnataka also, soybean production has been pegged higher this year at 3.846 lakh tons against  3.732 lakh tons, while in Gujarat, soybean production has been estimated at 2.271 lakh tons against 1.450 lakh metric tons last year.

Gujarat, the  third largest  soybean state in the  country, this year however, would see a decline   in soybean  output at  7.047 lakh metric  tons agianst8.583 lakh tons last year. Compared  to other soybean producing states, the area under soybean in Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan has witnessed a decline.

According to SOPA, the area under soybean plantation in Madhya Pradesh this year has declined to 55.688 lakh hectare against 58.540 lakh hectares last year. Similarly, area  under  soybean plantation in Rajasthan this year has declined to 9.254 lakh hectares against  11.002 lakh hectares last year. Maharashtra, the second largest soybean producing state of the country on the other hand  this year has witnessed a rise in sowing area this year at  43.849 lakh hectares against  40.797 lakh hectares.

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