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Mid term review and Estimated S&D for Oil Year 2020-2021 till January 2021

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10 February 2021, Indore, IN: As per established practice, a mid-term review of soybean Crop and S&D for current oil year was undertaken and for this purpose, teams of SOPA conducted a large scale field survey in Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan, covering major soybean growing districts. The survey teams interacted with farmers, mandi officials, traders, stockiest and soy processors, to assess the soybean crop in Kharif 2020. We have also collected authentic data on exports, crushing, stocks held with traders and various points, domestic soybean meal consumption, poultry demand etc. The crushing this year has been brisk and exports have been more than double as compared to previous year.

Exports of Soybean meal are expected to be 18 Lakh tons as compared to 8.62 lakh tons in previous oil year. Due to increased export demand we expect that the crushing of Soybean this year will be 95 lakh tons as compared to 82 lakh tons in previous oil year.

Based on the report of this extensive survey, we feel that SOPA’s original estimates of soybean crop given in October last year do not need any revision. We reaffirm the soybean crop estimates for Kharif 2020 as under:

S&D as on 31st January, 2021 is attached, salient points of which are given below :

Month-wise details of arrivals, crushing, exports and local consumption are attached. The arrivals this year have been much higher because of higher crushing and permission to plants and traders to purchase outside the mandi system.

Please note that the information given is based on data collected from various sources including government and trade. The numbers, however, are estimates only.

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