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Turn pollution into fertilizer, increase green planting and breeding cycle and promote revitalization

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04 December 2023, ChinaRecently, the 2023 Green Planting and Breeding Circular Agriculture Pilot Work Promotion Conference was successfully held in Fengcheng, Jiangxi. Focusing on the overall goal of “building mechanisms, creating models, expanding markets, and smoothing circulation”, the meeting exchanged work progress, summarized results and experiences, analyzed existing problems, and proposed countermeasures to promote the high-quality development of green planting and breeding recycling work. Zhang Ye, Secretary of the Party Committee of the National Agricultural Technology Center, attended and delivered a keynote speech. Liu Guanghua, member of the Party Leadership Group and Deputy Director of the Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of Jiangxi Province, and Xue Yandong, Director of the Fertilizer and Water Saving Division of the Planting Industry Management Department of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, attended the meeting.

The green planting and breeding cycle is a strong support for adding hundreds of billions of kilograms of grain production capacity and ensuring food security. It is an inevitable choice for promoting green and low-carbon agricultural development, and an important starting point for comprehensively promoting rural revitalization. Agricultural technology extension departments at all levels must deeply understand the importance of the green planting and breeding cycle from a higher level, accelerate the utilization of livestock and poultry manure resources, open up the blocking points in the planting and breeding link, and realize the separation of planting and breeding to the combination of planting and breeding and pre-processing as soon as possible Three changes to late-stage utilization and technological innovation to late-stage mechanism will promote the return of manure to fields for utilization.

Since the pilot work of green planting and circular agriculture was launched, various regions and counties have promoted the return of manure to fields, promoted the conversion of organic resources into treasures, cultivated and supported a number of service organizations, promoted the development of the market for returning manure to fields, integrated and assembled multiple technical models, and promoted It has made the application of manure scientific and efficient, actively explored long-term operation mechanisms, initially formed a sustainable development model, promoted crop production and improved quality and efficiency, helped farmers increase their income and strengthened their brand, and achieved phased results.

The work of the green planting and breeding cycle has entered a critical period. Agricultural technology extension departments at all levels must deepen and improve their ideological understanding, benchmark and meet the target requirements, strictly adhere to the bottom line of safe return of manure to the fields, not touch the red line of fund use, and pursue long-term results. The mechanism creates a high line and promotes green planting and breeding circular agriculture to a new level. Further emancipate the mind. Treat livestock and poultry manure resources in multiple ways according to local conditions, create diversified mechanism models, and promote “one county, one policy” for returning manure to fields. Further clarify the main responsibilities. The provincial-level agricultural technology extension system must strengthen supervision and guidance and play a key role in project management. County-level governments must strengthen organization and coordination and take the lead in planting and breeding docking and mechanism creation. Further give full play to the technical support role of the system. Efforts should be made in the scientific treatment, scientific application and scientific evaluation of manure to lay a solid foundation for returning manure to fields. Further clear up the stuck points. Promote the standardization of project management, simplify the application of manure, and integrate field return services to promote the high-quality development of green planting and breeding circular agriculture.

During the meeting, discussions, on-site observations and other activities were organized. A total of 50 people from relevant provinces, municipalities, cities under separate state planning, responsible comrades and technical backbones of the Soil, Fertilizer and Water Technology Promotion Department of Beidahuang Group Co., Ltd. attended the meeting.

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