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The first China Southern Steamed Bread Wheat Variety Quality Appraisal Conference was held

04 December 2023, ChinaRecently, the “First China Southern Steamed Bread Wheat Variety Quality Appraisal Meeting” was held in Yangzhou City, Jiangsu Province. More than 100 domestic academicians, experts and researchers in the field of wheat attended the meeting. The meeting was guided by the Seed Industry Management Department of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs and held by the National Wheat Breeding Joint Research, National Wheat Industry Technology System and Agricultural Biological Breeding Special Project Team.

It is understood that the collection standards for participating varieties are varieties that have been approved through the national wheat breeding joint research channel from 2019 to 2023, or varieties developed by member units for large-scale promotion. In the first round, 46 participating varieties were collected, and 24 varieties were initially selected by the Academy of Sciences of the National Grain and Material Reserves Administration.

This time, the 24 selected varieties were evaluated on-site again. The varieties participating in the evaluation were anonymously numbered by the notary office, and the evaluation was made in accordance with the “Southern Steamed Bread Evaluation Method”. The two indicators of specific volume and water addition were scored based on the data. The expert group conducted sensory evaluation and scoring from five aspects: surface color, appearance, elasticity, internal structure, and taste, and finally calculated a comprehensive score.

Xu Weigang, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and chief expert of the National Wheat Breeding Joint Research Expert Committee, said that steamed buns account for about 30% of China’s wheat consumption, and Chinese southern steamed buns were chosen as an evaluation direction to screen and evaluate high-quality steamed buns suitable for the production of southern Chinese steamed buns. Wheat varieties can be adjusted and strengthened in the direction of scientific research and breeding to provide better scientific and technological support for the industry. High-quality wheat varieties will play a very good driving role in improving the quality of my country’s steamed buns, improving the efficiency of steamed bun-making food enterprises, and innovating brand steamed buns. After evaluation and summary results by an expert group, 11 varieties including Yannong 1212, Yannong 29, Yangmai 34, Mianmai 827, and Jimai 26 were selected as the national high-quality southern steamed bread wheat varieties.

“The holding of the Southern Appraisal Conference will help promote high-quality southern steamed bun special wheat varieties to the society, broaden the southern steamed bun market, meet the needs of the high-quality and efficient flour processing industry and market, and promote the structural reform of the agricultural supply side and modern agriculture. Improving quality and efficiency provides variety support.” said Zhao Zhendong, the leader of the evaluation expert group and academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering.

During the meeting, Academicians Sun Qixin and Xu Weigang of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and Researcher Liu Luxiang, the chief expert on the national wheat industry technology system, gave keynote reports and introduced the latest scientific research results.

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