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The 2023 National Spring Rapeseed and Spring Cropping Potato Variety Trial Review Meeting was held in Kunming, Yunnan

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18 December 2023, China: Recently, the 2023 National Spring Rapeseed and Spring Potato Variety Trial Review Meeting was held in Kunming City, Yunnan Province. The meeting reviewed the 2023 national spring rape and spring potato variety test summary report, formulated the 2024 variety test implementation plan, and discussed the next steps to continue to improve the national rape and potato variety test work.

In 2023, a total of 70 test points will be set up for the national spring rapeseed and spring potato variety trials, 8 sets of variety trials will be completed, and 79 varieties will be tested. After scientific planting, comprehensive investigation, objective analysis and inspection summary, 2 new spring rapeseed varieties have completed two-year trials and 6 varieties have entered the second year of renewal trials. 14 potato varieties have completed two-year trials and 24 varieties have entered renewal trials. A number of excellent new varieties such as QH3365, Zhongshu 51, and Lishu No. 23 were screened out.

The meeting held that in recent years, national rapeseed and potato variety trials have closely focused on the goals and tasks of revitalizing the seed industry, and have achieved positive results in accelerating the screening of urgently needed varieties for production and leading the promotion of innovation in variety selection and breeding. Through national test screening, a batch of rapeseed varieties with high yield and high oil, suitable for machine harvesting, tolerance to dense planting, strong resistance, short growth period and a batch of potato varieties with significant yield increase, high dry matter content and excellent comprehensive traits have stood out. According to incomplete statistics, in the past five years, nearly 90% of the winter rapeseed varieties that rank among the top in the country in terms of annual promotion area have passed the screening and promotion of national trials.

The meeting emphasized that the current revitalization of the seed industry is in a critical period from “laying the foundation in three years” to “resulting in five years”. The national rapeseed and potato variety testing work must closely follow the requirements of the situation and screen urgently needed varieties, promote excellent varieties, and support play a role in variety management and other aspects. First, we must persist in serving breeding innovation, optimize the test layout, improve the test level, and provide a unified, standardized and scientific test platform for the national selection and breeding of new rapeseed and potato varieties. Second, we must persist in serving agricultural production, focus on the needs of stabilizing grain supply, expanding rapeseed planting, and comprehensively utilizing saline-alkali land, and accelerate the selection of high-yielding and high-quality potatoes, short-growth period rapeseed varieties, and saline-alkali tolerant varieties. Third, we must persist in supporting variety management, rely on the national rapeseed and potato variety testing system, explore and carry out tracking and evaluation of registered varieties, verification and spot checks, demonstration and promotion, etc., and strengthen post-event supervision services for rapeseed and potato varieties.

Liu Qiaoquan, deputy director of the Yunnan Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, attended the meeting and delivered a speech, head of relevant departments of the National Agricultural Technology Center, representative of the provincial seed management department of the main spring rapeseed and spring potato producing provinces, and member of the national expert guidance group for rapeseed and potato variety testing More than 60 people, including test hosts, test managers and relevant expert representatives, attended the meeting.

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