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New Spring Malting Barley From Syngenta Brings A Step Change In Yield And Quality

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28 January 2023, UK: SY TENNYSON is a very exciting new spring malting barley from the Syngenta breeding programme. With a big increase in yield and fantastic quality characteristics, SY TENNYSON represents the next generation of spring malting barley. 

Spring malting barley has two major markets making up over 90% of the purchases by UK maltsters: brewing and malt distilling.  Varieties with MBC approval for both these markets are popular as they bring flexibility to the maltster and increased market security to the grower.  LAUREATE has full MBC approval for both brewing and malt distilling, it is currently the largest spring barley variety grown in the UK, and the most purchased variety in England and in Scotland. 

Part of the reason LAUREATE is so popular is it’s yield consistency on farm.  We are increasingly experiencing more unpredictable weather conditions over the years, and the ability to withstand these and still perform is becoming a more and more important characteristic for spring malting barley.  LAUREATE has shown this consistency in yield and quality over many years in official trials and on farm. 

SY TENNYSON is the next generation of spring malting barley

The next wave of spring malting barley on the AHDB Recommended List 2023 is led by SY TENNYSON, following in the footsteps of LAUREATE, from the same breeding company, Syngenta.

SY TENNYSON has fantastic yield across the UK and potential quality that fits both the brewing and malt distilling markets.  Here are a few highlights of this exciting new variety: 

  • SY TENNYSON is the joint highest yielding malting variety on the new AHDB Recommended List 2023-24 (105.2% UK treated control means).
  • It is the highest yielding variety with potential for brewing and malt distilling, and the highest yielding variety in both the East (106.7% CM) and North (105.6% CM) regions of the UK.
  • SY TENNYSON is following in LAUREATE’s footsteps with consistently high yields over the last three years in official trials, over a wide range of weather conditions.
  • SY TENNYSON has the highest Hot Water Extract of any variety on the new AHDB Recommended List and has gone ‘green’ for both brewing and malt distilling in official micro-malting tests, indicating good quality for both markets.

As the demand for Scottish whisky is increasing and the capacity in Scottish distilleries is growing, more and more spring barley is needed to supply this market, driving demand of UK spring malting barley.  There is a finite amount of land, so higher grain yield and increased alcohol output are potential ways to increase supply. 

SY TENNYSON has shown fantastic yield and quality in trials and will continue to proceed through MBC testing to gain approval.

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